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    Things I noticed....



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    Things I noticed....

    Post  Chiharu on Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:50 am

    First is...
    Forums doesn't look eye attracting,no offence but it's like just to have a forum, really messy

    Donator >>>> Non-donator
    You say that economical friendly? maybe but how about others who doesn't want to donate? I know that you need money for this, but... It is a game prior is to attract players?
    Donation upper headgear's, a GM said to me that its the same with baphomet horns.. Nope it's not A headgear with additional and reduce damage to all class is different and the important thing in it is its slotted...A bit suggestion, Entice people to play add customized headgear's on vote a bit similar to donation maybe not a +8 all stat thingy or something with a slot too..

    Attraction is better... Seducing players to vote more often for a good item... And more mini games/events for fun fun...

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    Re: Things I noticed....

    Post  Pathos on Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:06 am

    To tell you frankly

    i hate this forum also. If somebody can make a better forum then i'll make him/her our new forum moderator.

    Regarding the headgears for vote?

    I already made some headgears for vote, but we wont release it until the next month. Because we want to finish all of the description of the bugs and errors we have in our client side.

    Then we will release the headgears for vote.

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