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    Suggested Events - Testudo


    GM Testudo

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    Suggested Events - Testudo

    Post  GM Testudo on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:31 am

    Guess and Win

    Description: Choose a treasure box out of 3 other treasure boxes and test your luck!

    Map: A map that players can not get to.

    Pre-Setup: You will simply gather a list of players that wish to test their luck and warp them one by one while crossing out their names off the list. They will only be allowed to hit one Treasure box. Only one treasure box out of the 3 other Treasure box will contain a lovely prize within.

    - so dapat sa special map bawal mag skill, ( para isang Treasure box lang tatamaan )
    - automatic mawawala sa event ung mali ung napili.
    - Pag next player na ang pumasok dapat 3 ulit ung treasure box.

    Kung meron pa suggestion , enhance n lang natin hehe pero maganda to, kwela.

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    GM Testudo

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    Re: Suggested Events - Testudo

    Post  GM Testudo on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:38 am

    Loot 'em All

    There's a special map na lahat ng participants ay nandun, ( mejo maliit lang map ). Tapos pag clinick ko ung NPC mag spawn ng mga 400-500 any kind of loots ( fluff , jeloppy, shell etc ) tapos meron dun isang certain item na paunahan sila makakuha. so kung sino man makakuha nun, siya ang panalo. na gets nyo ba? haha!

    GM Testudo

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    Re: Suggested Events - Testudo

    Post  GM Testudo on Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:51 am

    Count 'em All !

    Objective: The objective of this game is simple... COUNT THE YOYOS AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!

    Location: ( small area, Like holegrehms place, hugel store, etc, TBA )

    Rules: This is how its going to work, we start of outside of the area were
    people will be lined up. When I give the signal to enter, the participants can enter the building and start counting. In the first round, the first # participants that PM me the exact total numbers of Yoyo will advance to the next round. The others will get eliminated. On the second round, the first # participant who PM the right amount will advance into the final around. The others, eliminated. On the final round its the same, the first one to PM the exact number wins the event! Since the only thing you can do in this is event is count there isnt anything else that you need to do. This event determines how fast you count and focus can you be.

    Winner - ( TBA )

    Note: There will be only 5 participants per round, ( or depending on the people who joined ) But in the last level only 2-3 (which ever # stays in the final round) participant will remain to determine the winner.

    GM Edu

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    Suggested events

    Post  GM Edu on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:42 pm

    Protect the GM
    Description: You are to defend your GM from waves of mobs. The mobs will get harder and

    harder over time and your GM can only take so much damage!
    Map: A place where players can not visit or warp to. Have it act like a GvG map as well, you

    can only die once and get resurrected once before being kicked out of the map and respawning

    in your saved location.
    Pre-Setup: Warp yourself to the map, make sure you have 1 GM to act as the person who is in

    need of protection, and another GM who summons the wave of monsters.
    GM in need of protection: Your job is to run around and try not to die. Simple enough. You

    can’t hit or attack or kill, you can only run and be defended.
    GM who summons: Summon aggressive mobs, do not summon a lot at one go, summon about 20 from

    certain spots. If the map were to be a square, turn your speed to @speed 10 and spawn about

    20 aggressive monsters from each corner. You will need to summon stronger and harder

    monsters every round if they live.
    There should be only three rounds. After each round, the players may pre-buff, the delay

    before the next round should be about 30 seconds.
    The winners are either decided by the following:
    1. Whoever is alive at the end
    2. Everyone wins a prize
    3. Killing the monsters and getting the EXP and drops is the prize
    4. Warn them and drop one prize, whoever picks it up, gets it

    Hide and seek

    Run for your life

    Circle of death

    Survival is an event based on skill and how well you know the class you play. We have a

    version of this for both donation and non-donation items so that anyone can join in. On the

    map for this event, a GM will summon waves of monsters to attack the participants. In

    regular Survival, these mobs include Ancient Mimics, Lighthalzen mobs, Ghostrings, and

    Thanatos. In Non-Donation Survival, the Thanatos mobs change to Gloom Under Nights. The

    rules for this event are similar to those in Last Man Standing. Novices cannot participate,

    kaizel and basilica are not allowed, and regular monster summoning, along with hiding in the

    GM menu, is forbidden. Whether parties are allowed varies from GM to GM. Some may choose to

    turn PvP on in the event, while others let the monsters do their job. Again, the last player

    alive, or the last to die, wins this event.

    Trivia events
    (General knowledge/Item,monster,skills in RO/Name the monster)

    Pvp events
    (2vs2,3vs3 or 5vs5)

    Royal rumble
    (Timed last man standing)

    Battle royal
    (Last mans standing)

    Novice dodgeball
    You will bring a level 1/1 novice character into the event and you must avoid the marine spheres which will explode and kill you

    GM Edu

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    Age : 27
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    Re: Suggested Events - Testudo

    Post  GM Edu on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:44 pm

    There are a lots of events that we can host if other gm's would join too.
    And Ill gather more events and think of events soon.

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    Re: Suggested Events - Testudo

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