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    Admin meeting


    GM LightSpeed

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    Admin meeting

    Post  GM LightSpeed on Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:05 pm

    Admin meeting - [March 4,2012]

    Admin meeting was called to order at 8:00pm

    Attendees present:

    Pathos - Developer
    Admin Adri - Administrator


    1.Tropical fruit will be added in crafting tool dealer.
    2.Blue potion will be replaced by grapes.
    3.pathos coins can be traded with zeny(1=1).
    4.All poison bottle will not be tradable anymore.
    5.Items for Pathos coin NPC:

    Acid Bomb 10 Box Item ID# 13989 (Acidbomb_10_Box)

    Poison Bottle 10 Box Item ID# 14004 (Poison_Bottle_10_Box)

    Bubble Gum 5 Box Item ID# 13607 (Bubble_Gum_Box5)

    Assumptio 5 Scroll Box Item ID# 12916 (Assumptio_5_Scroll_Box)

    Abrasive 5 Box Item ID# 14110 (F_Abrasive_Box5)

    Box of Thunder Item ID# 12028 (Box_Of_Thunder)

    Box of Resentment Item ID# 12030 (Box_Of_Grudge)

    Box of Gloom Item ID# 12029 (Gloomy_Box)

    Box of Drowsiness Item ID# 12031 (Sleepy_Box)

    Speed Potion 5 Box Item ID# 13994 (Speed_Up_Potion_Box5)

    Giant Fly Wing 50 Box Item ID# 13570 (Giant_Fly_Wing_Box50)

    WoE Teleport Scroll 100 Box Item ID# 13940 (Siege_Tele_Scroll_Box)

    Token of Siegfried Box Item ID# 14178 (F_Token_Of_Siegfried_Box)

    Small Magic Defense Potion 10 Box Item ID# 13752 (S_Mdef_Potion_Box10)

    Small Defense Potion 10 Box Item ID# 14082 (FS_Def_Potion_Box10)

    Small Life Potion 10 Box Item ID# 14104 (F_S_Life_Potion_Box)

    Megaphone 10 Box Item ID# 14175 (F_Megaphone_Box)

    Field Manual 300% Item ID# 14545 (Battle_Manual_X3)

    Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

    GM Testudo

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    Re: Admin meeting

    Post  GM Testudo on Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:35 am

    Question .
    3.pathos coins can be traded with zeny(1=1).

    -1 pathos = 1 zenny? or 1m? if its 1m, make it 100k Smile

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    Re: Admin meeting

    Post  Pathos on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:42 am

    GM Testudo wrote:Question .
    3.pathos coins can be traded with zeny(1=1).

    -1 pathos = 1 zenny? or 1m? if its 1m, make it 100k Smile

    This option is not yet fixed. Lets wait for Admin Adri and Admin Maki's decision
    GM Adri

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    Re: Admin meeting

    Post  GM Adri on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:48 am

    Post From Hanako.

    Cart Boost Lvl 5 don't give attack +50

    Crazy weed lvl 10 only does 1 attack instead of 8 as stated

    Abit lazy soo

    Failed mixing result on a apple no script yet(Black Lumps thingy)?

    Should be in npc and this item is different from

    the one on npc

    Some mobs should drop this
    Black Powder: Lava Golem, Quove
    White Powder: Lude, Anacondaq, Disguise
    Dark Powder: Pitman, Heater, Gargoyle
    Smoke Powder: Kabuki Ninja, Assaulter
    Explosive Powder: Noxious, Venomous
    Tear Gas: Noxious, Venomous
    Oil: Venatu, Rybio
    Cold Ice: Snowier, Freezer, gazeti, ice titan
    Ice Crystal: Icicle
    Ice Fragment: Ice Titan, gazeti

    Others are dropable and others not

    Like this item too
    At normal rate x1 Heater 10% and Pitman 9% in server x30 should be 300% which drops a lot right but not in server yet...
    Can you please kindly add them Thank you

    Black Powder Item ID# 6245 (Black_Powder)
    White Powder Item ID# 6247 (White_Powder)
    Gun Powder Item ID# 6244 (Gun_Powder)
    Smoke Powder Item ID# 6214 (Smoke_Powder)
    Explosive Powder Item ID# 6213 (Explosive_Powder)
    Tear Gas Item ID# 6215 (Tear_Gas)
    Oil Bottle Item ID# 6216 (Oil_Bottle)
    Cold Ice Item ID# 6253 (Cold_Ice)
    Ice Crystal Item ID# 6257 (Ice_Crystal)
    Ice Piece Item ID# 6256 (Ice_Fragment)

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    Re: Admin meeting

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