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    Server Info

    Post  GM Rose on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:10 pm

    Base Exp: 150x Job Exp: 150x
    Drop Rate: 30x Equip Drop: 30x Card Drop: 15x
    MVP Equip Drop: 30x MVP Card Drop: 5x
    Max Base Lvl: 150 Max Job Lvl: 50
    Max Stats: 120 Max ASPD: 193
    Server Mode: Normal Main Ethnic or Language: English

    Server Website:

    How to Register?

    Languages Supported: English, Tagalog

    Server Features: Healer | Skill Resetter | Stat Resetter | Job Changer | Platinum Skill NPC | Town Warper | Dungeon Warper | Card Remover | Buff NPC | Automated Events | Custom Maps | Renewal Stat System | Custom Drop Rates

    Player Commands: @die, @party, @time, @date, @serverdate, @servertime, @autoloot, @monsterinfo, @mi, @rates, @iteminfo, @ii, @whodrops, @invite, @duel, @leave, @accept, @reject

    Balance Server 3rd Job
    No Over Power Items
    Endless Tower Event
    RMS Based Quest Headgears
    Friendly GM Staff

    -GM Staff

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