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    PathosRO Rules and Regulations


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    Change Rules and Regulations to this!!

    Post  Pathos on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:00 am

    All players must conform to these rules and regulations, or risk being muted, jailed, banned, or IP blocked. These measures are here to make everyone's gameplay a pleasurable one.

    Offenses Subject to Muting

    • Insulting another player

    • Begging for items from a Game Master and excessively begging from another player

    • Harassing another player

    • Spamming skills unnecessarily in towns, causing discomfort to other players

    Offenses Subject to Jailing

    • Repeating the offenses above without learning from past muting or jailing

    • Impersonification of a Game Master or a player without their permission

    • AFK-ing in dungeons and fields (a rule for alchemists who have their homunculus out to farm items)

    Offenses Subject to Banning

    • Botting, hacking, and use of any 3rd party program not approved by a Game Master

    • Repeated impersonification of a Game Master or any player

    • Repeated AFK-ing offenses

    • Repeated offenses from Jailing and Muting section

    Offenses Subject to IP Ban

    • Deliberate attempt to shut down, hack, and cause severe damage to the server, including host, game client, players in the game, forums, web site

    • Repeated offenses from above

    • Any other offenses, deemed necessary by any Administrator or Game Master or Moderator

    Enjoy playing guys.

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